Why L-Force is crucial against the Adeno-Coli disease that strikes tons of young pigeons


The Adeno-Coli disease is showing up more and more often and affects more and more pigeons throughout the whole year. The virus weakens your pigeons, causes severe damage to the intestines and can even lead to death in the worst case. Therefore, a good immune system is crucial. That is why you  should take a number of measures beforehand to boost the immunity and to not endanger your pigeons.

About the Adeno virus

Adeno is a virus of which there are currently two types known in the pigeon world. On the one hand we have the Adeno type I, which is the most prevalent one and which mainly strikes youngsters. Older pigeons have usually built up enough resistance for this virus and are rarely affected by this type. On the other hand, there is type II, which also strikes old pigeons but is fortunately less common.

Many pigeon fanciers have already heard of the Adeno-Coli disease, also known as the "young pigeon disease". To make it a bit easier, throughout this article we will speak of Adeno-Coli, by which we mean type I.

The spread and harmful effects of the Adeno-Coli disease

Until a few years ago, the disease only manifested at the start of the first pigeon trainings, but at the moment the disease can strike throughout the whole year. The last few weeks, there are several reports of youngsters having the disease.

The Adeno virus causes damage to the intestines and weakens the pigeon to such an extent that the coli bacteria - which are present in every pigeon’s intestines - get the chance to multiply explosively. In this way, they can end up in the bloodstream, which can eventually even lead to death.

L-Force protects the immunity of your pigeons

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are no medications that can kill the Adeno virus. All medications prescribed for Adeno-Coli are meant to kill the harmful bacteria and to give the pigeon the possibility to make antibodies against the virus. The value of a good immune system can certainly not be underestimated.

That is why Pigeon HP started looking for a product that optimizes the intestinal flora of the pigeon, kills the harmful bacteria and provides better resistance. As a result, the new product L-Force was born. The nutrition supplement ensures that young pigeons can build up resistance without being 'demolished' by viruses or bacteria.

L-Force is a natural antioxidant liquid nutrition supplement obtained by a combination of wheat fermentation and a fermentation process under controlled conditions with plant-based cultivated lactic acid bacteria. When you regularly give the product to your pigeons, it will not only strengthen the immune system, but will also provide better vitality, better food digestion and stimulation of the intestinal and crop flora.

It goes without saying that this not only applies to Adeno-Coli and that L-Force is also recommended for older pigeons. With the resistance problems against antibiotics, we will have to focus even more on supporting the immune system in the future. And Pigeon HP would like to help you with this.


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