Quality Statement

PigeonHP.com provides the best selection of pigeon feeding supplements. We are proud to offer only the best products manufactured in Belgium, home to the most known pigeon fanciers in the world.

We strive to offer you unique pigeon products at very competitive prices, whilst delivering them, carefully packaged, to your doorstep anywhere in the world.


All ‘Pigeon Health & Performance’ products are tested and analyzed by an independent Belgian laboratory, ECCA NV.

ECCA NV is a laboratory for chemical, microbiological and biological analysis in the field of nutrition and environment. The laboratory is accredited by BELAC to perform testing under a hundred with BS EN ISO 17025 criteria. All analyses are performed using validated methods.


ECCA NV is accredited by the Belgian Accreditation Institution (BELAC) with following norms:

  • NBN EN ISO 17020
  • NBN EN ISO 17025
  • Accreditation number 051-INSP
  • Accreditation number 051-TEST

BELAC is recognized by the Belgian Federal Service of Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment, the Flemish Community and the Brussels Capital Region.