About us


Finding the perfect combination between pigeon feed and nutrition supplements is part of each pigeon fanciers quest in breeding a top colony. Also for Jos Thoné. That’s why he tested countless products in the field over the past ten years. Step by step, he discovered his own optimal combination of supplements for every season. At first, those products were made specially for him, but now they have been made globally available under the name Pigeon Health & Performance.

Online, transparent and to the point

Today, it’s hard to find good products on a global level with a transparent advice & usage program. But not at Pigeon Health & Performance! That’s why PigeonHP.com is there for you as a reliable online source for the best pigeon nutrition supplements, used and recommended by pigeon expert Jos Thoné. All our products come with detailed information, tips & tricks, and expert advice.

Our webshop is 24 hours a day, seven days a week accessible. Simply place your order and within a week (or faster!), you will receive your Pigeon Health & Performance products on your doorstep. Worldwide!

Why Pigeon Health & Performance?

  • Complete line of premium nutrient supplements for every season
  • Online expert advice (coaching) by world champion Jos Thoné
  • Detailed feeding schedules, tips, tricks, blogs and video tutorials
  • Easy to order & delivered on time
  • Globally available


All our products are the result of years of meticulous development and incorporate the following values:

  • Premium products, used by winners
  • Maintaining good health
  • Ensuring premium performance
  • Expert advice from Jos Thoné
  • Made in Belgium!

We hope that our products will help to keep your pigeons each season in top condition, both today as in the future. The difference between top pigeons and winners is small. And with the products of Pigeon Health & Performance, you can make that difference.