Summer is almost over in Belgium, the racing season is almost ended and moulting season is coming. The pigeons start to change their feathers. Moulting season is one of the heaviest periods for a pigeon. The process takes a lot of energy and therefore they sometimes look tired. They also might be more vulnerable for treats. It is essential to give enough food and good care, in order that your pigeons can build resistance against diseases and can get a perfect set of new feathers. After moulting, your racing pigeon has to be in a perfect shape and ready for...

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The difference between FINAL SPRINT and FINAL FOND! How to boost endurance and energy during a race.

On the day of basketing it is very important to give the right nutrition supplements to your racing pigeons in order to improve endurance and boost energy during the race itself.

The two different products in the range of PigeonHP are FINAL SPRINT and FINAL FOND.

We do get a lot of questions from fanciers if they should use Sprint or Fond. So we will explain the difference between the two products.

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Bennie Hamers has also started a great season this year

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Maasmechelen (Belgium); Bennie Hamers, playing under the name of his son Dennis, has also started a great season this year. This weekend he obtained an excellent 2th place of 2506 pigeons with the flight from Bourges, national Zone C, Old pigeons. Pigeon BE2159761-16 flew a distance of 493.281 km at a speed of 1162.85 m/min. Also in the yearlings, Bennie is allowed to place a beautiful 5th place National Zone C, yearlings on his name. Finishing in the top 10, Provinciaal old Bourges is a silent crowning of his work with the pigeons but also give him the motivation to...

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Eric Moors: "Pigeon Health & Performance helped me on my way to the provincial victory Vierzon"

With the BE18-5074616, Eric Moors from the province of Limburg, Lanaken has a real pigeon in the house. This "616-18" recently won Vierzon 1St Provincial against 1,119 years and 2the provincial against 2,360 old birds. Moors triumphed with this super Pigeon also in National zone C Vierzon, good for 9the National at the 11,567 year and 27Ste nationally with the 20,964 old pigeons. "A winner like her deserves the best care and for that I use – on the recommendation of my friend Jos Thoné, and the Professional advice of the team behind Pigeon Health & Performance – the products of...

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Pigeon racing: How to boost endurance and energy during a race (video)

On basketing day, it is very important to give the right nutrition supplements to your racing pigeons in order to improve endurance and boost energy during the race itself.  In this video, Jos Thoné shows you how to feed your racing pigeons in function of short and long distance races. More specifically, he explains the difference between Final Sprint and Final Fond and how to use these two products. Summary Final Sprint What? Booster for short distance races When? If your pigeons stay maximum one night in the basket Final Fond What? Improves endurance during middle and long distance races When?...

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