Pigeon racing: How to boost endurance and energy during a race (video)

On basketing day, it is very important to give the right nutrition supplements to your racing pigeons in order to improve endurance and boost energy during the race itself.  In this video, Jos Thoné shows you how to feed your racing pigeons in function of short and long distance races. More specifically, he explains the difference between Final Sprint and Final Fond and how to use these two products. Summary Final Sprint What? Booster for short distance races When? If your pigeons stay maximum one night in the basket Final Fond What? Improves endurance during middle and long distance races When?...

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Why L-Force is crucial against the Adeno-Coli disease that strikes tons of young pigeons


The Adeno-Coli disease is showing up more and more often and affects more and more pigeons throughout the whole year. The virus weakens your pigeons, causes severe damage to the intestines and can even lead to death in the worst case. Therefore, a good immune system is crucial. That is why you  should take a number of measures beforehand to boost the immunity and to not endanger your pigeons. About the Adeno virus Adeno is a virus of which there are currently two types known in the pigeon world. On the one hand we have the Adeno type I, which...

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5 tips for the start of the racing season

It’s almost that time again: the start of the racing season. The first youngsters are almost ready and the result of the breeding season is always a nice moment to look forward too. But do you want your pigeons to really give their best in the upcoming racing season and to win the race? In that case, it is important to prepare yourself in advance by following a few important steps. We give you 5 tips for the start of the racing season. 1. Start with a health check by the vet Before the start of the racing season, it...

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Pigeon Health & Performance at the 23rd edition of the Spring Fair in Houten!

On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March, the Spring Fair in Expo Houten is being held: the European highlight for the start of the racing season. Each year, pigeon fanciers from all over Europe and the rest of the world visit this fair with more than 250 exhibitors. The highlight of this 23rd edition is the sale of thousands of young pigeons, including a few champions in fond and sprint races. And since champions also need to receive proper care and nutrition, there are also many exhibitors that offer nutrition supplements. Therefore, the team of Pigeon Health & Performance will...

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A successful winter breeding for Guy Baerts

It is the beginning of February and only now the temperatures are getting lower in Belgium. For winter breeding, the high temperatures of this winter were a real advantage. However, we only had a few hours of sunshine during the day. Therefore, it was essential to provide extra light during the morning and in the late afternoon. But despite the lack of sunlight, winter breeding was a real success for most fanciers. Especially if you know that winter breeding is not a natural event. In that case, the right guidance can work wonders. With regard to my own loft, I...

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