5 tips for the start of the racing season

It’s almost that time again: the start of the racing season. The first youngsters are almost ready and the result of the breeding season is always a nice moment to look forward too. But do you want your pigeons to really give their best in the upcoming racing season and to win the race? In that case, it is important to prepare yourself in advance by following a few important steps. We give you 5 tips for the start of the racing season.

1. Start with a health check by the vet

Before the start of the racing season, it is important that your pigeons are healthy. Healthy pigeons have a lot more energy and perform better during the race. Therefore, it is important to always start the season with a health check by the vet

Are your pigeons healthy, start a routine with the nutritional supplements of Pigeon Health & Performance. They are the key to bringing the dynamics of the pigeons to a competitive level.

2. Use T-Tonic

Next, it is also important to regularly give your pigeons T-Tonic, since this increases the energy and immunity of your pigeons and reduces stress. It also improves overall vitality.

How? T-Tonic consists of unique components that increase the absorption and exchange of important nutrients between cells. This exchange gives the pigeon the necessary basis for a good performance.

It is important to use T-Tonic regularly. Before the race, it is best to start with a cure of 7 days, afterwards 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Make sure your pigeons are in top condition

In order to get your pigeons on top level afterwards, they must have an excellent condition. Therefore, it is important to give them a good training, in combination with the right supplements.

Prepare your pigeons with an energy boost for short distance flights, maximum endurance for long distance flights, and the right nutrition supplements for an optimal and fast recovery and a good workout.

4. Use the right combination of nutrition supplements

With the quality products Carbo, Amino Build and Metachol, you can help to give your pigeons the best condition. Metachol purifies the liver, Carbo allows your pigeons to train more spontaneously and Amino Build ensures the maximum absorption of amino acids.

5. Give the right support during the race

To finish, is it also important to keep using the right products during the races. Two additional products to use are Final Sprint for short distances and Final Fond for long distances.

And the best news? We now offer all these products in a special promo package: start kit SPRINT and start kit FOND.



The combination of a good pigeon, the passion of the pigeon fancier and the use of the high-quality nutrition supplements from Pigeon Health & Performance will contribute to excellent performance during the racing season.

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