Amino Build Metachol

Metachol is a product you can use all year round!

Keep your pigeons healthy and let them shine. Healthy feathers by a good digestion.

METACHOL make pigeons shine. It has a powerful effect on the metabolisme and the vital functions. In general one can say that METACHOL has an important influence on the digestion of pigeons. A well-functioning metabolisme in this way gives an incentive for a good general condition. The use of METACHOL is of great value for both flying and treatment after a heavy flight.

The sulphurous amino acids not only contribute to the purification of the blood, but also ensure the removal of harmful substances. Furthermore, boldine stimulates bile secretion and sorbitol ensures smooth bowel function. It cleans the liver.

The amino acid cysteine is an antioxidant that ensures the removal of the oxygen radicals. It is important that cysteine nourish and stimulates the eye muscles.

Above this, taurine is a nutrient that strengthens the heart muscle and ensures the contraction of the heart muscle.

METACHOL is a product for pigeons that you can give throughout the year. In many cases, METACHOL is best used in combination with other products such as CARBO or AMINO BUILD on the feed.

METACHOL also remais the most appropriate product during moulting season. It stimulates the down moult and ensures a healthy plumage.


Racing pigeons: 1-2 times a week
Widows, youngsters, moulting pigeons: 3 times a week

15 ml metachol with 1 liter of water or 1 kg of feed.
Ideal to moister the grains.


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