ADENO COLI, Youngster disease,... – the plague of this time!

Adeno-Coli, Young bird disease and many other diseases, manifested itself until a few years ago in response to the first training flights, but can now already strike the whole year. 

The well-known Adenovirus brings damage to the intestines and liver and weakens the pigeon to the extent that the E.Coli bacteria, which are present in the intestines of each pigeon, find the chance to increase explosively and to enter into the bloodstream which can lead to death. The adenovirus cannot be treated with antibiotics. All prescription drugs are intended to kill the harmful bacteria and allow the pigeon to build antibodies against the virus.  

The young bird disease really breaks out when the conditions for the bacteria are beneficial. Not only for youngsters in the nest, but in pigeons of all ages, acute mortality can be caused when E.Coli Sepsis occur. Sometimes there is acute mortality. In other cases we see diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss. 

Stress factors ensure that the level of resistance decreases in the pigeons through which the pathogenic bacteria can multiply. Overcrowding on a loft, bad hygiene on the loft, but also the breeding period can increase infection pressure.

In order to reduce these chances of infection we can make the environment in the intestines and crop more acidic. A bacterium cannot grow in an acidic environment. 

Therefore, L-FORCE of PigeonHP is a product that optimizes the intestinal flora in the pigeon, suppresses the harmful bacteria and provides a better general immunity so that the pigeons can build resistance without being "demolished" by some virus or pathogenic bacterium.

The product L-FORCE was made for this. This liquid nutrition supplement makes the environment in the intestine and crop acidic, it strengthens the mucous membrane of the small intestine so that it becomes less permissible for pathogenic germs and the immune system is reinforced. First of all, we are going to expel the pathogenic bacteria from the inner part of the intestine. 

Our product L-FORCE is a natural antioxidant liquid nutrition supplement obtained by a combination of cereal fermentation and a fermentation process under controlled conditions with vegetable-breed lactic acid bacteria. These lactic acid bacteria convert sugars to lactic acid, which gives them a positive influence on the intestinal flora and the crop flora. The formed lactic acid reduces the PH value and creates an acidic environment in the intestine which prevent the possible growth of harmful germs. 

The products obtained by the fermentation process are Carbohydrate-splitting enzymes, brewer's yeast, minerals and vitamins K and B12. For a better overall vitality and strengthening of the immune system, better food digestion and stimulation of the intestinal and crop flora is obtained through the regular use of this supplement. 

Youngsters have to build their immune system in the first year of their life. They are therefore also susceptible to all kinds of diseases. But also old pigeons can be helped with L-FORCE. Each pigeon deserves to have a strong immune system. 

“With the proven resistance problems against antibiotics we will have to focus even more in the future on supporting the immune system and act preventively". 

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