Breeding vitamins for an optimal fertilization, hatching out, optimal development, perfect feather structure and general vitality.

In times of Corona, some fanciers extend the breeding time for their pigeons. The key to success in pigeon racing lies in breeding good pigeons. It therefore deserves the necessary attention. Besides it is art, breeding is also a serious business, every pigeon fancier knows that. We try to link these pigeons from which we can have the highest expectations. We want to pass on the best hereditary qualities in order to obtain even better pigeons and performance. 

In a few weeks from the moment they come out of the egg, youngsters have to undergo a great metamorphosis. A clever feat of development. So it is so important to ensure the best possible conditions in this first phase of life. During breeding, the metabolism is increased, which makes pigeons even more susceptible to vitamin deficiencies and infections. There is a lot of demand from the pigeon body! Therefore, it is important to add also additional vitamins in addition to important building blocks such as amino acids. Not only for good fertilization and good formation of the egg, but also for the hatching out and the growth and development of the youngsters this is important.

In all the grains, however balanced they are, there will never be everything the pigeons need for the proper functioning of life. The necessary vitamins are not fully present in just the feed. In order to grow beautiful pigeons it is necessary that they are optimally accompanied. For this they need the necessary building blocks and vitamins.

VITABREED, liquid breeding vitamines of PigeonHP support the entire breeding process and help optimize the conditions for the development of the youngsters. Since coupling the pigeons, VITABREED has a positive influence on the willingness of paring of the pigeons. Once fertilization takes place VITABREED takes care of all the necessary substances throughout the process up to and including the growth of the youngsters.

The right vitamins are essential in fertility and the later development of the youngsters. Each vitamin has its specific task in the various functions in the body. VITABREED makes the difference during and after breeding! The liquid vitamins are best given during coupling, laying and feather growth, during the growth and development of the youngsters.

Even sterility can occur in vitamin E deficiency. It is the fertility vitamin. Vitamin E contributes to the proper functioning of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which causes the egg cells to grow and mature and increase the content of female hormone. In the hen it stimulates sperm maturation and increases the content of male hormone. The natural sex rest can thus be artificially stimulated in pigeons.

Vitamin D is self-produced under the influence of sunlight, and sometimes it is not enough present during breeding. This vitamin is needed for calcium and phosphorus metabolism. It promotes the absorption of these minerals into the intestines of the pigeon. The existing vitamin D3 complexin Vitabreed ensures that, among other things, it optimize the scaling, the bone formation and structure of the skeleton from the youngsters.

In the case of vitamin A deficiency, resistance to infections is reduced. The productivity of the gonads also decreases. The result leads to unfertilized eggs, slow-growing youngsters and even mortality. This can also cause poor visibility due to clouding of the cornea. A modified dose is very important because an overdose can lead to a poor eye development.

A well-dosed mix of all kinds of vitamins B and Folic Acid contributes to the proper development of the embryo in the egg and of the growing youngsters, beautiful down feathers of the youngsters and development of the feathers, optimal development of muscles and nerves and a good necessary metabolism of proteins and fatty acids. This also stimulates the formation of blood cells. A deficiency of these vitamins will result in poor hatching results and any hatched youngsters will die quickly.

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