Pigeon Health & Performance

Pigeon Health & Performance is an assortment of premium pigeon nutrition supplements, used & recommended by Jos Thoné. All our products come with detailed information, tips & tricks and expert advice.

Our webshop is 24 hours a day, seven days a week accessible. Simply place your order and we will deliver your Pigeon Health & Performance products carefully packaged at your doorstep. Worldwide!

Why Pigeon Health & Performance?

  • Complete line of premium nutrient supplements for every season
  • Online expert advice (coaching) by world champion Jos Thoné
  • Detailed feeding schedules, tips, tricks, blogs and video tutorials
  • Easy to order & delivered on time
  • Globally available

All our products are the result of years of meticulous research and embody the following values:

  • Premium products, used by winners
  • Maintaining good health
  • Ensuring premium performance
  • Supported by expert advice from Jos Thoné
  • Made in Belgium!

We hope, dear fancier, that your pigeons will enjoy our products and, in combination with your experience, help you deliver top performances.

The Pigeon Health & Performance team

Feeding schedules

Get maximum results from our products and use our free feeding schedule, used and designed by Jos Thoné.

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Customer reviews

  • Wim

    “My pigeons are doing great, but with only grain and water: no way. That’s why I am a fan of the products of Pigeon Health & Performance. In addition to T-Tonic, I prefer Recup Fast, a top product for an incredible fast recovery on return. Furthermore, I am very happy with other products like Carbo, Amino Build and Metachol. Simple but effective."

  • Daniel

    “I recommend pigeon fanciers to definitely not exceed the indicated quantities. I would even say 'rather less than too much'. They are really good products, you can really count on them.”

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