Feeding schedules for racing season

Get maximum results from our products and use our free feeding schedule, used and designed by Jos Thoné.

The schedule provides detailed information on when to use our nutrition supplements in order to get your pigeons on top level. The timetables are designed in function of specific periods (racing, moulting & breeding) and specific races:

  • Sprint or vitesse race (for pigeons who race every week)
  • Middle-distance race (for pigeons who race every 2 weeks)
  • Long-distance race (for pigeons who race every 3 weeks)

Moreover, with every online order you will receive a free poster of our feeding schedule in A3 format! Put it up in your loft to have all the essential information immediately available.

Download feeding schedules

You can also download our feeding schedule in PDF format. Just enter your name and email address below and you will immediately receive it in your mailbox!