Customer reviews

  • Gert Noels (B)

    “I am convinced that the products of Pigeon Health & Performance have contributed to my excellent results. Only the best for my pigeons! Metachol cleans the liver and has an important influence on their digestion. It also makes my pigeons shine with healthy feathers. The best way to start racing is with healthy, well trained pigeons. I couldn’t do it without the products of Pigeon Health & Performance.


  • Patrick Stegen (NL)

    “Without question, the latest product “L-FORCE” of Pigeon Health & Performance is the best product I have used the last years to help keeping the young birds and all my other pigeons healthy. It is a number one health product to keep your birds with no sickness and no bad digestion disorders of any kind. I can now fully concentrate on getting them in the best shape to become winners. Of course with help of the other nutrition supplements from Pigeon HP.”


  • Guy Baerts (B)

    “I am very happy with the products of PigeonHP. My pigeon Little Joe is now 17 years old, and thanks to the Amino Build and the breeding vitamins of Pigeon HP he is still fertile and breeding! I also give him T-Tonic and carbo to maintain his condition. For breeding I really recommend these products.”