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CARBO or CARBO PLUS, whats the difference?

Carbo Carbo Plus Health Oil

CARBO of CARBO PLUS, waar zit het verschil? Carbo, laat je duiven spontaan vliegen! Carbo Plus, voor een optimaal celmetabolisme!

CARBO, let your pigeons fly spontaneously!CARBO PLUS, for optimal cell metabolism!Now, in these strange times, the green light has been given in many places to let your pigeons fly further and train more. We want to give the pigeons the best chances to build up as much muscle strength and condition as possible and to provide an optimal cell metabolism.For this we would like to clarify the difference between CARBO and CARBO PLUS.CARBO is a very efficient supplement that can be given to the pigeons all year round. It helps to improve muscle strength, endurance during intensive training and competition...

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