Team Platteeuw (Rumbeke,BE) National winner Bourges, old birds against 34311 pigeons

The best recovery is very important to always be ready for intensive flights.

The name Platteeuw  has become synonymous in recent years in terms of extraordinary achievements. Last weekend, Kurt Platteeuw's team added another national victory to their list. National winner Bourges, old birds against 34311 pigeons

Of the 10 National races, 8 have already been won by them and their ambition remains great.

The hard selection of pigeons keep the Platteeuw colony on track. With 10 weeks out of 12 weeks to fly, with a total distance of about 6000 km, you can say that healthy and extremely fit pigeons are very important. Kurt Platteeuw remains true to his system to keep the pigeons healthy, powerful and energetic and above all to give the best possible recovery.

In preparation for a race, the pigeons are raised and prepared with CARBO PLUS on the feed. According to Kurt, the very best recovery can only be achieved with PigeonHP's original  RECUP FAST 

When the pigeons arrive on Saturday after their hard race, fresh and pure drinking water is always ready, containing RECUP FAST and CARBO. This drinking bowl will remain in place until Monday morning. The pigeons recover in no time and are quickly ready to give the best of themselves again the following week.

"If it's right, you have to give it and not change it." And Kurt sees that it is good and he therefore also stands behind PigeonHP products.  Carbo,  Carbo Plus and  Recup  Fast  undoubtedly also contribute in a small part to the brilliant results.

Thank you Kurt, and good luck!

 nationaal Chateauroux 29.591 d. in 2016
 nationaal Gueret      13.885 d. in 2010
 nationaal Limoges     16.569 d. in 2019
 nationaal Tulle        5.323 d. in 2018
nationaal Argenton     4.782 d. in 2012
 nationaal Souillac     4.056 d. in 2019
1° nationaal Aurillac     3.586 d. in 2019 
1° national Bourges. 34311 d. in 2021

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