CARBO or CARBO PLUS, whats the difference?

Carbo Carbo Plus Health Oil

CARBO, let your pigeons fly spontaneously!

CARBO PLUS, for optimal cell metabolism!

Now, in these strange times, the green light has been given in many places to let your pigeons fly further and train more. We want to give the pigeons the best chances to build up as much muscle strength and condition as possible and to provide an optimal cell metabolism.

For this we would like to clarify the difference between CARBO and CARBO PLUS.

CARBO is a very efficient supplement that can be given to the pigeons all year round. It helps to improve muscle strength, endurance during intensive training and competition periods.

CARBO PLUS is a dietary supplement similar to CARBO but with its additional nutritious cell stimulator and blood product it emphasizes performance and defense.

This excellent combination of nutrients in CARBO was created after many years of research. CARBO owes its top quality to the optimal balance between carbohydrates and minerals, electrolytes and anti-catabolic proteins.

The patented structure of CARBO PLUS guarantees an even higher amino acid intake than any other food product. CARBO PLUS is perfect for active pigeons that need more amino acids than they can usually get from an ordinary, weekday diet.

The product CARBO is made of glucose polymers, which are the best carbohydrates to improve endurance and performance. It also provides the most important nutrients for carbohydrate metabolism. The antioxidants in CARBO are vitamins C, E and A. These are indispensable to avoid the breakdown of certain muscle groups. CARBO's scientifically developed formula prevents muscle fatigue and muscle breakdown. Your pigeons benefit it all year round.

Capacity and performance quality revolve around building and repairing cells. Organs, muscles, bones, nerves, blood, brain, immune system and hormones are all made of proteins. Those proteins are made up of amino acids. All these types of amino acids, except bivalent iron, are absolutely indispensable and are obtained by proteins that are in the daily diet. The ability of amino acids to enable all recovery processes and performance is immense. CARBO PLUS delivers top results for this.

CARBO PLUS's unique formula provides all the necessary amino acids which can repair and strengthen the recovery processes of muscles, blood, organs, nerves and immunity.

CARBO PLUS contains a blood product that works blood-repairing and provides the organs, muscle tissue, nerves with extra oxygen.

For more information about this, the PigeonHP team is always there for you.

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