Join us at the International Pigeon Market in Kassel, Germany!

On the 28th and 29th of October 2017, Pigeon Health & Performance will be exhibiting at the International Pigeon Market in Kassel, Germany. And we would like to meet you there! Come visit us at our booth, where you can learn more about and purchase our products, ask all of your questions and get special deals. About the International Pigeon Market The International Pigeon Market is a two day event being held on the 28th and the 29th of October in Kassel, Germany. This event brings pigeon fanciers from all over the world together in one place where they can...

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Jos Thoné and the recovery of pigeons after the race (video)

Recup Fast

Racing pigeons make strenuous efforts during the flight. Not surprisingly, they are often exhausted on return. Therefore, it is essential that they recover quickly. In this video, Jos Thoné explains how to use Recup Fast before and after the race. He shows how to mix it with drinking water to get extremely good results. 

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How to prepare your pigeons for the Barcelona Race (video)

Every year, pigeon fanciers from all over the world let their pigeons fly in the Barcelona Race. This long distance race is one of the most important races within the pigeon sport. Therefore, a good preparation is essential. In this video, Jos Thoné talks about the preparation of his pigeons for the Barcelona Race. More specifically, he shows the design and use of his racing lofts for pigeons that are basketed a few weeks. Next, Jos Thoné also explains how to use Recup Fast before and after the race.

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The use of pigeon darkening systems (video)

When you want your young pigeons to participate in national races, you can use pigeon darkening systems as a training technique. This technique accelerates the process of maturity and at the same time prevents their feathers from moulting. The darkening system will give young pigeons the impression that it is still wintertime and therefore they will keep their primary flight feathers. In this video, Jos Thoné explains why and how he uses his pigeon darkening system. In this way, he keeps the feathers of his young birds in really good condition.

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Getting your pigeons prepared for the racing season (video)

A good racing season starts with a good preparation. If you want your racing pigeons to win the race, it is important to follow a few steps in advance. In this video, Jos Thoné explains how he gets his pigeons ready for the racing season. His routine starts with a health check by the veterinarian. Later, Jos explains the steps he follows week after week with the nutrition supplements of Pigeon Health & Performance. Summary Health check by veterinarian to make sure your pigeons are healthy Weekly routine with the products of Pigeon Health & Performance Recup Fast for a fast recuperation...

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