How to keep your pigeons healthy (video)

Keeping your pigeons in excellent health is essential. Healthy pigeons have a lot more energy and perform much better during races. To guarantee this, it is important to use special nutrition supplements. They are the key to keeping the dynamics of your pigeons at a competitive level. In this video, Jos Thoné explains when and how to use T-Tonic to keep your pigeons healthy. T-Tonic increases the energy and immunity of your pigeons and reduces the stress caused by their stay in the basket. Moreover, it improves your pigeons overall activity. How? T-Tonic consists of unique components that increase the...

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How to get your racing pigeons in top condition (video)

If you want your pigeons to win the race, it is essential for them to have an excellent condition. To get them on top level, it is important to give them a good training, but also to give them the right combination of nutrition supplements. In this way, you can build a good condition step by step. In this video, Jos Thoné explains how to maintain a weekly routine with Carbo, Amino Build and Metachol in order to build the best condition for your pigeons. Moreover, these 3 nutrition supplements are also excellent for your breeders.  Summary What? Metachol to...

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