How to keep your pigeons healthy (video)

Keeping your pigeons in excellent health is essential. Healthy pigeons have a lot more energy and perform much better during races. To guarantee this, it is important to use special nutrition supplements. They are the key to keeping the dynamics of your pigeons at a competitive level.

In this video, Jos Thoné explains when and how to use T-Tonic to keep your pigeons healthy. T-Tonic increases the energy and immunity of your pigeons and reduces the stress caused by their stay in the basket. Moreover, it improves your pigeons overall activity.

How? T-Tonic consists of unique components that increase the absorption and exchange of important nutrients between cells. This exchange gives the pigeon the necessary basis for a good performance. Regular use of T-Tonic will also increase energy reserves and therefore reduce temporary fatigue. 


When and how to use T-Tonic

  • Use T-Tonic 3 to 4 times per week
  • One measure spoon T-tonic per liter water
  • Young birds: every day a little amount of T-Tonic in drinking water
  • Preparation before the racing season: Use T-Tonic 7 days in a row

For a more detailed explanation on when to feed your pigeons T-Tonic, see our free feeding schedule

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