Getting your pigeons prepared for the racing season (video)

A good racing season starts with a good preparation. If you want your racing pigeons to win the race, it is important to follow a few steps in advance.

In this video, Jos Thoné explains how he gets his pigeons ready for the racing season. His routine starts with a health check by the veterinarian. Later, Jos explains the steps he follows week after week with the nutrition supplements of Pigeon Health & Performance.


  1. Health check by veterinarian to make sure your pigeons are healthy
  2. Weekly routine with the products of Pigeon Health & Performance
    • Recup Fast for a fast recuperation when pigeons return from the race
    • T-Tonic in the drinking water for a good health
    • Metachol for liver cleaning and good feathers
    • Carbo for building a good condition
    • Amino Build for a maximum absorption of high-quality amino acids
    • Continue with a mix of Metachol, Carbo and Amino Build
    • Health Oil to build up energy
    • Carbo Plus for extra strong endurance
  1. Continue steps until pigeons train 1 hour per day

Adjust the dose based on the gravity of the race and the condition of the pigeon.

For a more detailed explanation on when to feed your pigeons, see our free feeding schedule

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