A successful winter breeding for Guy Baerts

It is the beginning of February and only now the temperatures are getting lower in Belgium. For winter breeding, the high temperatures of this winter were a real advantage. However, we only had a few hours of sunshine during the day. Therefore, it was essential to provide extra light during the morning and in the late afternoon. But despite the lack of sunlight, winter breeding was a real success for most fanciers. Especially if you know that winter breeding is not a natural event. In that case, the right guidance can work wonders.

With regard to my own loft, I can only speak of an absolute success! If you have to pair older pigeons aged 17, 13 and 12, you also have to adjust your expectations a bit. But it was a great surprise to see that all eggs were fertilized!

During the preparation, I used the products of Pigeon HP such as Health Oil, Amino Build, Carbo, ... on a daily basis. They have unmistakably had a positive influence on the fertilization.

While breeding, I gave Health Oil, Carbo and Amino Build only once a week. From two days before the hatching, I poured Health Oil or Metachol on the cereals four times a week and then dried them with Carbo and Amino Build. Metachol has a lot of methionine and in combination with the amino acids in Amino Build, the youngsters grow up beautiful with a healthy set of feathers.

Maybe a bit surprising, but when the youngsters grow up, I also regularly put Recup Fast in the water. This is because of the specific amino acids in the product. I also regularly give T-Tonic. At this moment the youngsters look beautiful - if I can say so myself.

Of course I do not dare to claim that you can’t do it without extra products, but don’t forget that the racing career of a pigeon actually starts at birth. Why shouldn’t we try our best to grow beautiful athletes and to increase our chances of good results?


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