The story of Little Joe: From top athlete to super breeder

Saturday 19 July 2003, the weather reports of the last few days seem to be correct. It is a tropical day with temperatures of 35°C in France. With the breeze from the North-East, every pigeon fancier knows that it will be tough job for the 20,786 basketed pigeons ready for the long distance classic from Marseille. For the tandem Baerts Henri and Guy three pigeons were basketed for these heavy long distance classic, including a two year old dark chequer doffer with the name of “Little Joe”.

It was about 19h30 when Guy B took place on the stairs of the pigeon loft. The windows of the loft still remained closed because the pigeons were not expected soon. It were still the years the arrivals could not be systematically followed up on the internet. The silence, however, was abruptly interrupted when only a little bit later Little Joe stroke down gracefully on the roof and hurried up to enter the loft.

Finally, Little Joe took the 9th place out of 20,786 international competitors.The second pigeon in the good club of Obrafo Tienen in Belgium arrived more than 2 hours later. On the release day, only approximately 200 out of 20,786 basketed pigeon reached their safe haven.

Because of his exceptional condition of freshness after a hellish journey, his pedigree and his exceptional beauty, we soon decided to make a breeder out of Little Joe.

It soon became clear that this was the one and only right decision. However, we didn’t expect that he would become a true breeding phenomenon.

At the age of 16 years, Little Joe is still extremely vital and is still fertile for 100%. No doubt, this is genetically determined. But the environmental factors also play an important role.

For breeding, I therefore use the products of Pigeon Health & Performance, especially METACHOL, CARBO, AMINO BUILD and T-TONIC. It is certainly by this guidance that Little Joe is still “alive and kicking”. Especially for old doffers Amino Build is a super product. The proteins have a positive influence on the fertilization!

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