The difference between FINAL SPRINT and FINAL FOND! How to boost endurance and energy during a race.

On the day of basketing it is very important to give the right nutrition supplements to your racing pigeons in order to improve endurance and boost energy during the race itself.

The two different products in the range of PigeonHP are FINAL SPRINT and FINAL FOND.

We do get a lot of questions from fanciers if they should use Sprint or Fond. So we will explain the difference between the two products.

Final Sprint is a booster for peak performance. It gives extra power on short-distance races. It should also be used only when the pigeons are just one day in the basket, because otherwise the stresslevel will increase.

Final Sprint stimulates fat burning and delivers a fast, powerful energy boost that supresses fatigue.  Your pigeon will go to the extreme to win. The unique composition ensures that additional fats are released.  This allows intense fat combustion and pigeons enjoy an extreme energy boost.

We strongly advise a very small dose of Final Sprint should be used initially, since it is a very powerful supplement. Mix 1 measure (25 gr) in 0,5 liter water. On basketing morning, when the feeding is finished, take away the drinking water for 30 minutes. Then add Final Sprint to the water and give it to the pigeons for one hour.  Afterwards, clear clean water can be given again.

Final Fond ensures optimal endurance and performance during a long-distance race when the basketing is more then one day.

The energy it supplies is stored in the pigeon’s muscles and used during the flight. The unique formula delivers a balanced amount of carbohydrates and proteins. These are essential for the supply of fat to the “cell reactors” for extra energy, while the recovery process already starts during the race. Final Fond plays a crucial role in the endurance test and ensures that fats deliver 80% or even more of the total energy production. Final Fond speeds up also the recovery process after the race.

Give Final Fond on basketing morning after feeding the pigeons. Take away their drinking water for 30 minutes and then add Final Fond to the water. Mix 1 measure (25gr) with 0,5 liter of fresh water. Leave it to drink for one hour. Afterwards, clear clean water can be given again.

In this video, Jos Thoné shows you how to feed your racing pigeons in function of short and long distance races. More specifically, he explains the difference between Final Sprint and Final Fond and how to use these two products.

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Final Sprint

  • What? Booster for short distance races
  • When? If your pigeons stay maximum one night in the basket

Final Fond

  • What? Improves endurance during middle and long distance races
  • When? If your pigeons stay more than one day in the basket

How to use Final Fond and Final Sprint?

  • Mix one spoon in half a liter water
  • Let the birds out for morning training
  • Take water away during morning training
  • After one hour of training, give Final to the pigeons
  • Afterwards, give fresh water again

For a more detailed explanation on when to feed your pigeons, see our free feeding schedule

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