Bennie Hamers has also started a great season this year

Carbo L-force Recup Fast

Bennie Hamers

Maasmechelen (Belgium); Bennie Hamers, playing under the name of his son Dennis, has also started a great season this year.

This weekend he obtained an excellent 2th place of 2506 pigeons with the flight from Bourges, national Zone C, Old pigeons. Pigeon BE2159761-16 flew a distance of 493.281 km at a speed of 1162.85 m/min.

Also in the yearlings, Bennie is allowed to place a beautiful 5th place National Zone C, yearlings on his name.

Finishing in the top 10, Provinciaal old Bourges is a silent crowning of his work with the pigeons but also give him the motivation to do even better.

"The most important thing is keeping my pigeons healthy and then putting them in top shape. For advice I always go to the team of Pigeon HP. Since I use their products I no longer go so much to a vet. I work preventively to their health with a natural L-Force product, which in my view really does its job.


My pigeons have a sense to train and fly since I use the supplements. Especially Carbo makes them fly spontaneously.


After arrival of the flight I give Recup Fast and you see them recuperate immediately. Ready for a next challenge! "

Recup Fast

For the next season I hope to perform more and better with my pigeons. I therefore do everything to keep them in form and to enjoy the pigeon sport every time. 

So Bennie, we, the Pigeon HP team, wishes you good luck for the upcoming races.

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