Eric Moors: "Pigeon Health & Performance helped me on my way to the provincial victory Vierzon"

With the BE18-5074616, Eric Moors from the province of Limburg, Lanaken has a real pigeon in the house. This "616-18" recently won Vierzon 1St Provincial against 1,119 years and 2the provincial against 2,360 old birds. Moors triumphed with this super Pigeon also in National zone C Vierzon, good for 9the National at the 11,567 year and 27Ste nationally with the 20,964 old pigeons.

"A winner like her deserves the best care and for that I use – on the recommendation of my friend Jos Thoné, and the Professional advice of the team behind Pigeon Health & Performance – the products of pigeon HP. The well-known T-TONIC we give all year round 2 x per week. The last weeks we have given the RECUP FAST , before basketing and when they arrive home. The recovery of the pigeons with this is phenomenal! Now we are starting to give them AMINO BUILD and CARBO this with a view to the"heavier work"in the prospect.

Eric Moors

Eric Moors– playing under the names of his daughters Moors Kim and Lynn, and together with his father under Moors Joseph and Eric, this year is particularly sturdy.

That he can always count on his 616-18, is shown by the Palmares of this provincial Vierzon winner, who recorded a speed of 1384.66 mpm for a distance of 486 km .

 Saturated 24/3

10/79 yearlings

30/208 Old birds
Chimay 30/3

26/105 yearlings

70/252 Old birds
Chimay 6/4

5/88 yearlings

17/255 Old birds

Chimay 13/4

6/54 yearlings

9/104 Old birds

Dizzy 20/4

14/102 yearlings

39/321 Old birds

Reims 27/4

1/42 yearlings

7/100 Old birds

1/67 yearlings

1/213 old (7 minutes ahead)

1/116 yearlings

1/338 Old birds

10/73 yearlings

34/322 Old birds
Sens 12/5

10/73 yearlings

34/322 Old birds
Vierzon 18/5

1/51 Local

1/243 Interplay

1/1.119 Provincial Limburg

1/? zone C

9/11.567 National


The national flight from Vierzon preceded the provincial flight from Sens a week earlier.

Eric: "last week on Sens it was even much better. We started with the first three of the old and the first four in the yearlings, but then there was no early pigeon provincial. But such a first provincial Vierzon, which makes a world of difference, especially because it is also nationally the 9é. "

For the future

Eric Moors firmly intends to continue on the path: "The friendship and good advice of Jos Thoné I continue to follow up anyway. I am a guest every week. One of the topics of discussion is invariably the product range of Pigeon HP, which has now proven its solidity again. Racing pigeons are given an extra energy boost for short distances, maximum endurance for long distances and the right ingredients for optimal training and a quick recovery.  With these products the health of the pigeon is also priority. L-Force also keeps your pigeons healthy. "


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