Summer is almost over in Belgium, the racing season is almost ended and moulting season is coming. The pigeons start to change their feathers. Moulting season is one of the heaviest periods for a pigeon. The process takes a lot of energy and therefore they sometimes look tired. They also might be more vulnerable for treats. It is essential to give enough food and good care, in order that your pigeons can build resistance against diseases and can get a perfect set of new feathers. After moulting, your racing pigeon has to be in a perfect shape and ready for winter. 


A successful racing season starts with a good moult. Moulting season is one of the most important periods for racing pigeons as the new feathers for the upcoming season are formed. Perfect new feathers are signs of a good health and good care during the moult. 


You have to ensure that your pigeons are healthy when moulting season starts. They have to be free from diseases and support by the right care and products. Three things you have to keep in mind are to check your pigeons by a veterinary, keep the loft clean and well ventilated, give them enough food and support them with the right and necessary nutrition supplements


It is essential to combine the pigeon’s food with the right nutrition supplements.

  • T-Tonic is our basic natural resistence & energy stimulator. It is a catalyst for your pigeons and will significant improve pigeon activity. The unique components of T-Tonic increase the absorption and exchange of important nutrients between cells. T-Tonic helps digestion, thus preventing the development of illnesses caused by undigested food. 

Give T-Tonic 2 days per week on the food or in the water.                              Give one measure in 1L water and poor it in the water fontain in the beginning of the week, for instance the day after the race. Add fresh water to the same fontain the second day. Change the water fontain the third day with fresh clear water. You can also mix one measure in 1L of water and poor it in the bath water.

  • Metachol is a nutrition supplement with a significant impact on the pigeons’ digestive system. Metachol simultaneously stimulates liver and kidney functions, producing a well-functioning metabolism and a platform for a good overall condition. Metachol is, as we believe, one of the most important product during the moulting season. 

Give metachol 2/3 x per week on the food.

  • Health Oil is an effective nutrition supplement for pigeons that provides high energy without extra fat being stored immediatly.

Give Health Oil 1 x per week on the food.                                                        Give Health Oil preferably in combination with “Carbo Plus”. Use Health Oil to dunk the food and dry it up with a powder supplement. In addition it is recommended to give extra Health Oil and Carbo Plus to growing youngsters.

  • With a focus on performance and immunity, Carbo Plus is a nutrition supplement that is simular to Carbo but with an additional nutritive cellstimulator. It has an incredible effect on the blood recovery of the pigeon, which is needed fort he construction of new feathers. On top, it also contains all the necessary vitamins. Carbo Plus is a perfect product for performing pigeons who need more amino acids than usually obtained from any other regular diet. 

Give Carbo Plus 2 x per week on the food, preferably in combination with Metachol or Health Oil. During racing season, but also for moulting and breeders with little youngsters.

  • Amino Build contains all amino acids that are critical for the construction of the new set of feathers. This nutrition supplement delivers the necessary energy, contributes to a faster absorption of amino acids and also contains vitamin B, which is critical in the maximal absorption of the amino acids. 

Give Amino Build 2 x per week on the food. Give it preferably in combination with Metachol and Carbo Plus.  It can be used all year round for all the birds. (Racing-moulting-breeding)



Water: T-Tonic
Food: Metachol + Amino Build + Carbo

Water: add fresh water to the fountain containing T-Tonic
Food: Metachol + Amino Build + Carbo

Water: clean drinking fountains with fresh water
Food: plain food

Water: fresh water
Food: Metachol + Carbo + Amino Build or give an extra day of plain food

Water: fresh water
Food: Health Oil + Carbo Plus

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