How Amino Build is essential for your breeding pigeons

Amino Build

After the quite intense moulting season, the breeding season will start for most pigeon fanciers around the end of November. Maintain a good health, increase fertility and grow the next generation of winners!

How can you support the breeding season?

The breeding season is coming and with the guidance of Jos Thoné we will help you step by step. It is very important that your pigeons are in good health and remain healthy throughout the breeding period. Therefore, we give you an important tip.

About a month before breeding you want to make sure that you increase the protein levels in your birds. They will prepare them for breeding.

To support the breeding of your racing pigeons, we strongly recommend to use Amino Build 2 to 3 times a week during moulting and breeding season. It stimulates vitality and fertility!

Amino Build is a very effective product for racing pigeons that contains a concentrate of amino acids. It delivers energy and ensures an increased muscle strength. It is composed of all essential and many non-essential amino  acids coming from high-quality proteins, BCAAs and carbohydrates.

To ensure all pigeons get the critical nutrients for a successful breeding season, you can find a complete breeding feeding schedule on

We wish you the best of luck!

The Pigeon Health & Performance team

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