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Fertilisation, Optimal laying, Development, Vitality

The Golden nutrition supplement that should be present in every loft!

VITABREED is an optimal liquid mixture of vitamins to give extra support to the pigeons before, during and after breeding season.

VITABREED’s unique formula provides a balanced mix of vitamins and high quality ingredients that are essential for fertility. They stimulate the laying, the hatching and cut out of the egg, the growth of the feathers, as well as the growth and the general development of the youngsters.

VITABREED makes the difference!

In breeding it is decisive that the available performance potential can also develop indefinitely. That is why it is also very important to invest in breeding pigeons and provide them with the best nutritional supplements. Excellently developed youngsters are the result of this.

Instructions for use:

  • Use VITABREED during the breeding season and for the weaned youngsters.
  • Start giving VITABREED daily two weeks before pairing up to the egg laying.
  • Then 3 times a week.


Mix 10 ml VITABREED with 1 liter of water or 20 ml with 1 kg of feed.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Complementary nutrition should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Nutrition: /

Analytical components and qualities: raw protein: 0.0%, free fat: 0.0%, raw ash: 0.03%, sodium: 0.0%, lysine: 0%,methionine: 0%

All "Pigeon Health & Performance” products are freely available on the market and approved by a recognized European institution.

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