Health Oil

Health Oil

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Health Oil is an effective nutrition supplement for pigeons that provides high energy without extra fat being stored immediately.

Health Oil is a special oil with middle chain triglycerides, which are very valuable for energy.

When the glycogen depots of muscles and liver are exhausted during training, Health Oil ensures there is still enough energy available. The fats are broken down and converted into energy. In this way, this pigeon nutrition product prevents muscle reduction and provides long-lasting energy.

Health Oil has the added value that it burns fat faster and improves the absorption of amino acids and minerals. It is perfect for an increased resistance and protection against unfavorable bacteria and fungi.

Health Oil is ideal to use on the pigeons feed in combination with Carbo Plus, to ensure an optimal mixture.

Instructions for use

  • Racing season: 1 to 2 times per week
  • Breeding & moulting season: 1 time per week 
  • Growing younsters in nest: 3 times per week 

For a detailed feeding scheduling with Health Oil and our other nutrition supplements, see our free Feeding Schedule.


Mix 1 measure spoon of Health Oil with 1kg feed.

Shake well before use. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Complementary nutrition should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Nutrition: Cocos oil, Wheat germ oil, Fish oil.

Analytical components and qualities: free fat: 97,3%, crude ashes: 0%, natrium: 0,006%, lysine: 0%, methionine: 0%

All "Pigeon Health & Performance” products are freely available on the market and approved by a recognized European institution.

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