About our products

Pigeon Health & Performance offers you the most complete assortment of Premium Pigeon Nutrition Supplements for great health and premium performances.

Our products help you maximize the potential of your pigeons in every season:

  • Racing Season: Give your pigeons an amazing energy boost for short distances, maximize endurance for long-distance races and provide the right ingredients for optimal and fast recuperation and training.
  • Moulting Season: Support the metabolism of your pigeon during moulting for optimal health and a perfect set of new feathers.
  • Breeding Season: Increase fertility and grow the next generation of winners.

Used and recommended by Jos Thoné

The Pigeon Health & Performance products have been tested in the field for years by world champion Jos Thoné. In close cooperation with him, we have continuously refined the products, until he was satisfied with the result. Thanks to the products of Pigeon Health & Performance he has bred a colony that has no equal in the world, with pigeons which have won all the well-known races and that have made him one of the most successful pigeon fanciers in the world.

Only a few products for maximum results

With only a few products, Pigeon Health & Performance offers all the nutrients required to keep your pigeons healthy and in optimal shape. Only a few products? Yes indeed! During his years of research and testing, Jos Thoné found that he needed only a few specific products to get his pigeons to perform at the highest level year after year. With the right mix of products, administered in exactly the right amount at exactly the right time, he kept his pigeons in top condition in every season, winning race after race in all classes.

Online support by Jos Thoné

Get the maximum from your products and follow Jos Thoné’s detailed guidelines. All our products come with extensive online usage information and you can find tips & tricks, feeding schedules, tutorials, blogs and videos on our website.