Prepare for moulting season!

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Autumn is starting again in Belgium, the racing season just ended and moulting season has begun. A lot op people often think that this is a period of rest, but the opposite is true. Moulting season is actually one of the heaviest periods for a pigeon as the feathers are renewed in a very short period of time.Therefore, it is essential to give enough food and good care, in order that your pigeons can build resistance against diseases and can get a perfect set of new feathers. After moulting, your racing pigeon has to be in a perfect shape and ready for the winter.

Why is moulting season so important?

Everything starts with moulting, especially a successful racing season. Moulting season is one of the most important periods for a racing pigeon as the new feathers for the upcoming season are formed. A smooth moult and perfect new feathers are signs of good health of the pigeon and good management during the moult.

How can moulting be supported?

According to Jos Thoné, there is basically one major principle: “you have to ensure that your pigeons are healthy when the moulting season starts, free of any diseases and supported by the right care and products”. We explain in 3 steps how you can guarantee this:

  1. The basis of a good moult is a healthy pigeon. So have your pigeon checked by a veterinary after the racing season. A sick pigeon, can never produce healthy feathers!
  2. Pigeons need a lot of oxygen during moult, so ensure the loft is well ventilated and clean.
  3. The pigeon gets all the necessary raw materials for the renewal of its feathering from the food it eats. Thus great care must be taken that all pigeons get enough food. On top, it is important that all pigeons get all the nutrients they need during the renewing process of the feathers.

Which products are good for moulting?

Moulting Kit

To guarantee excellent moulting, it is essential to combine the pigeon’s food with the right nutrition supplements. Here is why the recommended products are critical during moulting and how they contribute to a great set of new feathers:

  • T-Tonic: helps digestion, thus preventing the development of illnesses caused by undigested food. It strengthens the whole body of the pigeon during the moulting process.
  • Amino Build: contains all amino acids that are critical for the construction of the new set of feathers.
  • Metachol: stimulates the feather moulting and ensures healthy feathers. It also has a beneficial effect on digestive, liver and kidney functions.
  • Carbo Plus: has an incredible effect on the blood recovery of the pigeon, which is needed for the construction of new feathers. On top, it also contains all the necessary vitamins.
  • Health Oil: gives energy and reduces the fatigue of the pigeon during the moult.

How and when should I give these products to my racing pigeons?

To ensure all pigeons get these critical nutrients, you can find a complete moulting feeding schedule on It is easy to use and is combined with the same, most complete products of Pigeon Health & Performance.

  • T-Tonic: 2 to 3 times per week in the pigeon’s water
  • Amino Build, Health Oil: 1 time per week on the pigeon’s food
  • Carbo Plus, Metachol: 1 to 2 times per week on the pigeon’s food

 We wish your pigeons an excellent moulting season!

The Pigeon Health & Performance Team

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