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Feeding Schedules

Get maximum results from our products and use our free feeding schedule designed by Jos Thoné.


The shedule below provides detailed information on when to use our products in order to get the most out of your pigeons. The timetables are designed in function of a specific race and the periods inbetween the races:

  • Sprint or Vitesse Race(for pigeons racing weekly)
  • Middle-distance Race(for pigeons racing every two weeks)
  • Long-distance Race(for pigeons racing every three weeks)


Simply look at the days in the timetable to see what products are to be given to your pigeons in function of the type of race they will be flying. Click on the product in the timetable to learn and see in the video how the product is to be administred to the pigeons. 


Happy flight! Remember, you will receive a free poster of the feeding schedule with each online order!



You will receive an attractive free feeding schedule poster in A3 format with your order. Put it up in your loft to have all this useful information readily available.

The feeding schedule is also downloadable in PDF format so that you can print it yourself. At Pigeon Health & Performance we value the feedback we get from our customers. If you have any suggestions or just want to drop us a mail, be our guest: info@pigeonhp.com

Good luck,
The Pigeon Health & Performance Team

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